What Is NY Style Pizza?

What Is NY Style Pizza?

Craving pizza? If you’re looking for the classic flavor and texture, New York-style pizza is a must. This popular pizzeria staple has been around for decades and its history dates back to the early 1900s in Italian immigrant communities within NYC. With just a few simple ingredients including hand-tossed thin crust dough, marinara sauce, fresh mozzarella cheese and herbs, this iconic style of pie promises unmistakable deliciousness with every bite! In this blog post, we’ll explore the evolution of New York-style pizza as well as what makes it distinct from other types of pies. Whether you’re an experienced culinary pro or simply a curious gourmand looking to test your palate with something new – let’s get started exploring one of America’s favorite dishes: New York style pizza!

What Is NY Style Pizza

History of New York Style Pizza

The origins of New York Style Pizza can be traced back to the late 19th century when a wave of Italian immigrants came to America. With them, they brought their culinary traditions, including the art of pizza-making. The first pizzeria in the United States was Lombardi’s, opened in 1905 by Gennaro Lombardi in New York City. Lombardi’s served a Neapolitan-style pizza, which was a bit different from the New York Style we know and love today.

It wasn’t until the 1950s and 60s that New York Style Pizza really began to take off. This was partly due to the opening of more pizzerias and the increase in demand for fast, affordable food. New York Style Pizza was perfect for the on-the-go lifestyle of busy New Yorkers. The pizza was also affordable, making it a popular choice for families and students.

What Is NY Style Pizza?

One of the defining characteristics of NY style pizza is its crust. It’s thin, crispy, and has a slight chewiness to it. The dough is made from flour, water, yeast, and salt, and is stretched out by hand to create a large, thin disk. It’s then baked in a high-temperature oven (usually around 500-600 degrees Fahrenheit) for just a few minutes, which gives it that crispy texture. But it’s not just the crust that makes NY style pizza so special – it’s also the sauce.

The tomato sauce on NY style pizza is tangy and slightly sweet, with a hint of acidity. It’s made from San Marzano tomatoes (which have a lower water content and sweeter taste than other tomato varieties) and is seasoned with garlic, salt, and olive oil. The cheese used on NY style pizza is usually mozzarella, and it’s often piled on generously. The cheese melts perfectly in the oven and forms those signature cheesy bubbles that pizza lovers know and love.

In New York City, finding a great slice of pizza is never a problem. There are countless pizzerias all over the city, each with their own take on NY style pizza. Some of the most popular and well-known spots include Di Fara Pizza in Brooklyn, Joe’s Pizza in Greenwich Village, and Lombardi’s in Little Italy. But there are also plenty of hidden gem pizzerias that are worth seeking out.

So, what is NY Style Pizza? The key to this pizza’s distinctiveness is in its crust. Unlike thicker crusts, New York Style Pizza has a thin, crispy crust that is puffy on the edges. The pizza is also known for its large slices, which can be folded in half to make it easier to eat on the go. Most importantly, New York Style Pizza is topped with a generous amount of mozzarella cheese, tomato sauce, and a sprinkling of toppings such as pepperoni or mushrooms.

When it comes to toppings, New York Style Pizza is known for being simple yet delicious. Traditional toppings include just cheese, tomato sauce, and basil. However, as pizza has become more popular, New York pizzerias have started to experiment with new flavors and toppings. Nowadays, you can find everything from barbecue chicken pizza to mac and cheese pizza!

There’s no doubt that NY style pizza is a cultural icon in its own right. From the dough to the sauce to the cheese, every aspect of the pizza-making process is carefully crafted to create a mouth-watering masterpiece. Whether you’re a lifelong New Yorker or just visiting the city for the first time, be sure to grab a slice (or two) of NY style pizza and experience the magic for yourself.

NY Style Pizza Ingredients

Pizza has been one of the most commonly eaten foods in the world, and many countries have their own take on it. However, nothing compares to the taste and texture of New York style pizza. The crispy crust, tangy tomato sauce, and cheese pull – it’s a combination that leaves a happy feeling. But, have you ever wondered what are the specific ingredients that make up this delightful pizza? Let’s dive deeper into the NY style pizza ingredients and find out!

  1. Dough:

The dough is the foundation of any pizza, and NY style pizza dough is known for its crispy and chewy texture. The key to making NY style dough is high gluten flour, water, yeast, and salt. It’s essential to let the dough rise for a few hours to get that fluffy texture. It’s also common to add a small amount of sugar to enhance the dough’s browning and flavor.

  1. Tomato Sauce:

NY style pizza sauce is tangy and flavorful, and it’s made from simple ingredients like crushed tomatoes, salt, pepper, oregano, and garlic. The sauce has to be cooked to a thick consistency before being spread on the pizza to prevent it from getting too watery.

  1. Cheese:

The cheese is where the magic happens on NY style pizza. The most commonly used cheese is mozzarella, but other varieties like provolone, cheddar, and romano can also be used. The cheese should be grated finely and spread evenly across the pizza. A good tip is to add a sprinkle of parmesan on top of the cheese for an extra flavor boost.

  1. Toppings:

Toppings are a personal preference, and NY style pizza allows for quite a few options. The most common toppings are pepperoni, sausage, mushrooms, onions, and peppers. However, pizza places also offer unique toppings like eggplant, broccoli rabe, and even lobster. The trick to adding toppings is not to go overboard; otherwise, it may affect the crust’s texture and cause it to get soggy.

  1. Olive Oil:

Olive oil is not a mandatory ingredient in NY style pizza, but it’s added to enhance the flavor and texture of the crust. When the dough is rolled out, a drizzle of olive oil can be added before adding the tomato sauce and toppings. The oil will create a crispy crust while also adding a unique flavor to the pizza.

Understanding the specific ingredients used to create this masterpiece only makes us appreciate it more. Now that you know more about NY style pizza ingredients, go ahead and order one or make it yourself – either way, enjoy every bite!

What Makes New York Style Pizza Special?

New York style pizza is the definition of a classic. It’s one of those dishes that have been around for decades and still remain as popular as ever. The thing about NY style pizza is that it’s not just about the ingredients; it’s also about the technique used to create the perfect crust. Here are a few things that make New York Style Pizza special:

  1. Thin Crust:

The trademark of NY style pizza is its thin and crispy crust, which requires careful manipulation of the dough. This method creates airy pockets in the dough that makes it light yet crunchy on the outside – something you won’t get from other types of pizzas.

  1. Unique Sauce:

NY pizza sauce is made from freshly crushed tomatoes and a mix of herbs that give it a unique flavor. It’s slightly sweeter than other sauces, which makes it stand out on its own.

  1. Carefully Selected Ingredients:

The toppings used on NY style pizza are carefully selected to complement the dough and sauce in the best way possible. You won’t find any unusual ingredients here, as most pizzerias stick to classic topping combinations like pepperoni, sausage, mushrooms, etc.

  1. Unique Cooking Method:

Baking an authentic NY style pizza requires the oven to be set at a high temperature for a short amount of time. This helps create the perfect combination of crispy crust and melted cheese without over-cooking the toppings.

Overall, NY style pizza is one of those dishes that you have to taste to understand why it’s so popular. Now that you know more about what makes this pizza special, it’s time to try it for yourself! Enjoy every bite.

Steps to Making NY Style Pizza at Home

Making NY Style pizza at home doesn’t have to be intimidating. All you need is the right ingredients, a bit of patience, and some practice. Here are the steps to make your own NY style pizza:

  1. Make the Dough:

Making the dough is an art that requires precise measurements and techniques. The most important thing to keep in mind is to knead it until it’s soft and elastic, as this will help create a light and crispy crust.

  1. Pre-Bake the Crust:

Pre-baking the crust helps avoid a soggy end product. Place parchment paper on top of the dough and bake for 8-10 minutes in an oven preheated up to 500 degrees. Once it’s lightly browned, you can add the sauce and toppings.

  1. Add Sauces and Toppings:

Now comes the fun part! Spread a layer of tomato sauce on top of the pre-baked crust and then add your favorite toppings. Be sure to not go overboard with the topping as this can make the pizza soggy.

  1. Bake Again:

Place the pizza back in the oven for another 8-10 minutes, or until cheese is melted and bubbly. The time may vary depending on your oven so keep an eye on it while baking to ensure that it doesn’t over-cook.

  1. Let It Cool:

Once your NY style pizza is done baking, let it cool down for a few minutes and enjoy with your favorite drinks.

Making your own NY style pizza gives you the freedom to personalize it according to your preference. Experiment with different ingredients and techniques until you find that perfect combination that works for you!  Good luck and bon appetit!

Note tip: Don’t forget to always pre-heat your oven before baking the pizza, as this helps create that perfect crispy crust. Also, be sure to choose quality ingredients for your toppings and sauces for a delicious result.

Special Toppings That Make NY Style Pizza Unique

NY style pizza isn’t only about the classic pepperoni and cheese topping combination. There are a variety of unique toppings that you can use to make your pizza stand out from the rest. Here are some of the toppings added to the NY style pizza:

  1. Prosciutto:

Prosciutto is an Italian cured ham that adds a savory depth to any pizza. You can add it as one of the main ingredients or use it as a garnish at the end for a pop of flavor.

  1. Artichoke Hearts:

Artichoke hearts bring an earthy, nutty flavor to your pizza that will make everyone’s taste buds sing! As they have quite a strong flavor, we recommend using them sparingly or as a garnish to give an extra boost of flavor.

  1. Arugula and Olive Oil:

Arugula is a peppery leafy green that pairs wonderfully with the richness of olive oil. It adds texture, color, and health benefits to your pizza without overwhelming the other flavors.

  1. Pesto:

Pesto sauce has been around for centuries and gives pizza an unmistakably Italian flavor. You can also adjust the ingredients in pesto so it works best with whatever toppings you choose for your pizza.

  1. Roasted Garlic:

Roasted garlic adds a lovely sweetness and mellow intensity that’s perfect for any kind of pizza topping combination!

These unique toppings add flavor and texture to your pizza. Try different combinations of these ingredients to make your own customized version of a NY style pizza that everyone will love!

Note: For all toppings, it is important to use quality ingredients for the best results. Be sure to read through any recipes you are using before beginning and follow safety precautions when using an oven. Enjoy your pizza-making journey!

The Role of Cheese in NY Style Pizza

Cheese plays a major role in NY style pizza. The combination of tomato sauce and cheese creates the classic flavor that we all know and love. When it comes to selecting the right kind of cheese, there is no one-size-fits-all solution as each type brings different flavors and textures to a pizza. Here are two varieties of cheese that you can use when making a NY style pizza:

  1. Mozzarella:

Mozzarella is a soft, white cheese with mild flavor that melts quickly and provides stretchy strings when melted. It’s known for its creamy texture and is commonly used on pizzas for its versatility.

  1. Parmesan:

Parmesan has a hard, granular texture and a nutty flavor. It adds an extra depth of flavor to pizzas and can be used as a topping or grated onto the pizza before baking.

No matter which type of cheese you choose, always make sure that it is fresh and of good quality for the best results. Choosing the right combination of toppings and cheeses will ensure your NY style pizza turns out delicious! Enjoy your pizza-making journey!

FAQs about What Is NY Style Pizza

What is the best way to store NY style pizza?

The best way to store NY style pizza is to wrap it tightly in aluminum foil and place it in a refrigerator for up to two days. This will help preserve its freshness and flavor. For optimal results, always reheat your pizza before consuming.

What is the difference between NY style pizza and other types of pizza?

NY style pizza stands out from other pizzas due to its light and airy crust, the use of high-quality ingredients, and unique toppings such as prosciutto and artichoke hearts. Additionally, it is typically cooked in a hot oven at around 500 degrees Fahrenheit for a short amount of time. This helps to create an evenly baked crust with a flavorful char on the bottom.

What kind of crust is NY style pizza?

NY style pizza is typically a thin-crust, hand-tossed pizza. The dough is stretched out by hand until it is very thin but still thick enough to form an outer rim. This creates a light and airy crust with a crunchy texture.

Is New York pizza thin or thick?

New York pizza is typically thin-crust, hand-tossed pizza. The dough is stretched out by hand until it is very thin but still thick enough to form an outer rim. This creates a light and airy crust with a crunchy texture.

What type of oven should you use to cook NY style pizza?

For the best results, you should use a hot oven – ideally around 500 degrees Fahrenheit – when cooking NY style pizza. This will help create an evenly baked crust with a flavorful char on the bottom. Additionally, make sure to always follow safety guidelines and take the necessary precautions when using an oven.

What kind of cheese should you use to make NY style pizza?

High-quality mozzarella and parmesan cheeses are the most popular types of cheese for topping New York style pizzas. These provide a creamy, flavorful taste that pairs well with other ingredients. Additionally, try adding fresh herbs such as oregano or basil for an extra flavor boost.

Is New York-style pizza chewy?

Yes, New York-style pizza is typically chewy. The thin crust and high temperature of the oven help to create a texture that is crispy on the outside and chewy on the inside.

How many slices in a NY pizza?

The number of slices in a NY pizza will depend on the size of the pizza. Generally speaking, a 12-inch pizza will yield 8 slices, while a 16 inch one will yield 12 slices. Additionally, you can always cut your pizza into smaller pieces for individual servings.

What is the difference between New York style and Chicago style pizza?

The main differences between New York and Chicago style pizzas are their thickness and ingredients. New York style pizza is typically thin crust with high-quality toppings such as mozzarella cheese, while Chicago style is thick crust with an array of vegetables or meats included. Additionally, New York-style pizzas are usually cooked at higher temperatures in order to achieve a crunchier texture. Chicago-style pizzas are cooked at lower temperatures for a longer cooking time, which results in a softer crust.

How do you know when your NY style pizza is done? 

You can tell that your NY style pizza is done when the outer rim of the crust is golden brown and crispy, while the inside should be soft and chewy. Additionally, look out for any visible signs of melting cheese or bubbling sauce. If these are present, then your pizza is likely ready to eat! Always make sure to follow safety guidelines and take the necessary precautions when using an oven.

Conclusion on What Is NY Style Pizza

In conclusion, NY style pizza is one of the most iconic and beloved pizza styles in the world. It features a thin crust that enhances those classic flavors of melted cheese, savory tomato sauce, and fresh toppings of your choice. People have long debated what makes a pizza “true” New York style – some argue that the water used to make the dough makes all the difference! Nonetheless, a slice of New York-style pizza is an essential part of any true American diet. When you’re craving a classic Italian-American experience, it can’t be denied that NY style pizza is the way to go! Now that you know all about NY style pizza, why not give it a try? Make your own or order from your favorite local pizzeria – just don’t forget to fold it before you take a bite. Experience this timeless classic for yourself and enjoy the deliciousness that is authentic NYC Pizza!

With its unique recipe and delicious flavor, NY style pizza is a favorite among pizza connoisseurs! Try it for yourself today and enjoy a flavorful slice of New York. Bon Appétit!


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