How Many Pizzas For 30 People?

How Many Pizzas For 30 People?

When catering an event, it can be difficult to estimate how much food and drinks are needed. For pizza parties in particular, you have to figure out not only the right kind of pizzas but also the number that should be purchased for 30 guests. This decision can feel overwhelming, and it is important to consider various factors before settling on a final order. Fortunately, with our tips and advice, the process of ordering enough delicious pizza for your next party will become easier! Keep reading to learn exactly how many pizzas you should order for 30 people and some other helpful insights about planning your event menu.

How Many Pizzas For 30 People

What are Pizzas?

Pizzas are a popular Italian dish made with a flatbread base topped with tomato sauce, cheese, and various other ingredients. The classic pizza is usually round in shape, but can also be shaped into squares or rectangles. Although pizzas traditionally have a cheese topping, today’s pizzas come in a variety of flavors and toppings such as vegetables, meats, and seafood. Pizzas are often served hot out of the oven but can also be enjoyed cold. They are widely available from restaurants, supermarkets and delivery services around the world. Whether you choose to enjoy it at home or on the go, pizza is an incredibly popular food that offers something for everyone!

How Many Slice In A Pizza?


Small Pizza: Whether enjoying a night in solo or having pizza with friends, the size of your pie can make all difference. Traditional small pizzas provide six slices of cheesy goodness for an individual appetite – but don’t be afraid to go smaller if you’re looking for something more intimate! Some places even offer four- and two-slice options that are perfect for one person’s cravings. Spice up your home-cooked pizza by exploring different slice counts. Make it big and bold with a larger diameter, or get creative with extra slices! No matter how you cut it, an aromatic and steaming hot pie is sure to be the star of any evening meal.

Medium Pizza: A medium pizza can make anywhere from 6-8 slices, depending on how it’s cut. One would think all pizzas are created equal but the truth is that no two pies will have exactly the same number of wedges – making every slice as unique and special as snowflakes! For true pizza aficionados, the number of slices in a medium pie can make all the difference. To guarantee your slice count satisfaction before ordering, reach out to your go-to pizzeria and find out if they offer 10 or 12 pieces—or even special crusts and topings tailored for discerning palates!

Large Pizza: When it comes to gathering around the table, nothing beats a large pizza! Most restaurants offer pizzas in sizes of 16 inches – perfect for 8-12 people. But if you’re having an even bigger shindig with more than eight folks present, consider upgrading your order to something extra special: an 18 inch pie that can be cut into 12-14 slices and appease everyone’s appetite without leaving anyone hungry. If you need to feed a group of friends or family, turn to the classic crowd favorite – pizza! Not only is it an easy and inexpensive option that everyone loves, but one large pie can provide enough slices for 4-8 people. When portioning out your slices remember that average slice packs around 270-340 calories – so enjoy responsibly!

Extra-Large Pizza: With extra-large pizzas becoming the go-to choice for feeding a crowd or simply satisfying your cravings, it’s important to know just how many slices you can get out of one. Can an extra large pizza really satisfy everyone at any gathering? Let’s slice into the mystery and explore what this popular pie has in store! When you have a whole group of people to feed, ordering an extra-large pizza is the way to go. Offering twelve generous slices and often enough for leftovers, it’s sure to please any gathering! Plus, nothing beats enjoying a hot ‘n’ fresh slice with companions – so be sure to check in with your local pizzeria about their standard slice counts before planning your next big feast.

How Many Pizzas For 30 People?

If you have a party of 30 people and want to serve pizza, there is no hard and fast rule for how many pizzas you should provide. It really depends on the appetite of your guests and their preferences. Generally speaking, a good rule of thumb is to plan on three slices per person. That means you will need 10 large pizzas (or 12 medium) or 20 small pizzas to feed the group. If your guest list includes some big eaters, it’s always better to err on the side of having too much food than not enough!  You can also offer a variety of sizes so that everyone can choose what works best for them. Don’t forget about beverages and snacks as well for those who don’t care for pizza.  Have a great time!

Factors To Consider Before You Order Pizzas For 30 People:

  1. Age range: Consider the age range of your group when ordering pizza. You will want to make sure there are enough slices for everyone, but that you don’t end up with an overwhelming amount of leftovers.
  2. Number of people: Make sure the number of people in the group matches the size of the pizzas you order. Most pizzas come in 8-slice or 16-slice sizes, so plan accordingly based on how many people are in your party.
  3. Dietary restrictions: If anyone in your group has special dietary restrictions, such as gluten allergies or vegan diets, be sure to order a pizza that is suitable for them as well. Many places offer gluten-free and vegan options these days, so be sure to check before ordering.
  4. Order based on personal experience: If you have ordered from the pizzeria in the past, consider what your group liked best and order accordingly. If you are trying a new place, ask for recommendations or look up reviews online before placing your order.
  5. Note for pizza size: When ordering pizzas, do not forget to indicate whether they should be large or small. This will help determine the number of slices per person and ensure that there is enough food for everyone.
  6. Consider delivery and time: Be sure to factor in how long it will take for your order to arrive, as well as any applicable delivery fees when deciding where to order from. You may need to adjust your time depending on the size of your group and how long it will take for everyone to arrive.
  7. Account for leftovers: Consider if you would like to plan for leftovers or not when ordering. If you know that some people may not eat all their pizza, then order a few extra slices or add more sides so there is enough food for everyone. Also, make sure to provide appropriate containers so guests can take home any remaining slices.

List Of Popular Pizza Restaurants That Have Pizzas For 30 People

There are many popular pizza restaurants that can accommodate large orders of 30 or more people. Here is a list of some of the best places to get delicious pizzas for an event:

  1. Papa John’s – Papa John’s offers a wide selection of pizzas for any sized group. With over 3300 stores in the US, it’s easy to find a location near you. Plus, they offer online ordering and delivery making it convenient to get your order quickly.
  2. Pizza Hut – Pizza Hut is one of the most well-known pizza chains in the world, with locations all over the US providing delicious pies for groups up to 30 people! They also have online ordering and delivery services available as well.
  3. Domino’s – Domino’s is another popular pizza chain that provides delicious pizzas for large groups of 30 people or more. With over 14,000 stores across the US, it’s easy to find a location near you. Plus, they offer online ordering and delivery services as well.
  4. Little Caesars – Little Caesars has been serving up hot-and-ready pizzas since 1959 and offers delicious pies at an affordable price for larger groups of 30 or more people! They also have online ordering and delivery available as well.
  5. Cici’s Pizza – Cici’s Pizza is a great option if you’re looking for a buffet style experience when ordering pizza for a large group. With over 500 locations across the US, it’s easy to find a location near you. Plus, they offer online ordering and delivery services as well.

Some Toppings For Pizza You Should Order

When it comes to pizza, everyone wants something different. Some prefer the classic pepperoni and cheese while others love to try new and unique toppings. Whether you want a classic or creative topping combination, there are plenty of options when it comes to ordering pizza. Here is a list of some of the most delicious toppings for your next pizza order:

  1. Sausage – A classic topping that adds juicy flavor and texture to any pizza.
  2. Peppers & Onions – This combination provides crunch and sweetness in perfect harmony.
  3. Mushrooms – A great option if you’re looking for something savory and earthy on your slice.
  4. Pineapple – Love it or hate it, pineapple is a delicious and tantalizing topping for those who enjoy sweet toppings on their pizza.
  5. Jalapenos – For the spicy food lovers out there, adding jalapenos to your pizza is sure to give you some heat.
  6. Bacon – Who doesn’t love bacon? Turn up the flavor with this savory topping that adds smokiness and crunch in every bite.
  7. Spinach – A great way to add some green to your pizza while also getting an extra dose of nutrition!
  8. Olives – Olives add brininess as well as a slight bitterness that pairs perfectly with cheese and tomato sauce.
  9. Anchovies – A salty and pungent topping that adds plenty of flavor to any pizza.
  10. BBQ Chicken – Sweet and smoky BBQ sauce, combined with diced chicken makes for a delicious topping that will satisfy anyone’s taste buds!

Tips For Reheating Leftover Pizzas

Leftover pizza is one of the best comfort foods, but reheating it can be tricky. If done improperly, you could end up with a soggy mess rather than a delicious slice. Here are some tips for getting your leftovers just right:

  1. Use an oven or toaster oven. The best way to reheat leftover pizza is by using an oven or toaster oven. This will help ensure that the crust stays nice and crisp while the cheese melts without becoming too greasy or soggy. Preheat your oven to 350°F (177°C), then place the slices on a baking sheet lined with parchment paper. Bake for 10-15 minutes, until the cheese has melted and the edges are slightly golden.
  2. Use a skillet or grill pan. If you don’t have an oven, another great way to reheat pizza is by using a skillet or grill pan. Place the slices in the heated skillet and cook until the edges are crispy and the cheese has melted. This method works best with thicker crusts since it helps keep them from becoming soggy.
  3. Use a microwave (for emergencies only). It’s not ideal, but if you don’t have access to an oven or stovetop, you can try microwaving your pizza slices for 45-60 seconds on high heat, depending on how many slices you’re reheating at once. Make sure to use a microwave-safe plate and rotate the slices once halfway through cooking, so they reheat evenly.


FAQs about How Many Pizzas For 30 People

How many slices does each person get?

The answer to this question depends on the size of the pizza and the number of people involved. Generally, each person will get two slices per large pizza, but if you have more people or a smaller pizza then it may be less. It’s best to divide up the slices evenly so everyone gets an equal amount. To help make sure that each person gets their fair share, it can be helpful to cut the pizza into 8 even pieces instead of 6, as it makes dividing them easier. If there are any leftovers, they can always be saved for later! Regardless of how many people are eating, slicing up a pizza is an easy way to enjoy a meal together.

What To Serve With Pizzas For 30 People?

When it comes to feeding a crowd, pizza is always a great option. It’s delicious, easy to serve and relatively inexpensive. When hosting an event for 30 people or more, serving pizza can be tricky as you need to know how much to order for everyone. To make the most of your budget and provide something for everyone, here are some tips on what else to serve with pizzas for 30 people:

– Starters such as vegetable platters or garlic bread: These will help keep guests satisfied while waiting for their pizzas.

– Salads: A few different types of salads (green salad, pasta salad etc) are always a good idea – they’re quick and easy to make in large quantities and give guests something healthy and filling.

– Desserts: Some sweet treats such as ice cream, cake or cookies will be much appreciated by your guests.

– Drinks: Have a selection of soft drinks and alcoholic beverages available for guests to choose from. Make sure to have plenty of water too!

– Condiments: Provide some condiments like ketchup, mustard and mayonnaise for those who like their pizza extra saucy.

– Utensils: Have enough forks, knives, plates and napkins on hand so that everyone can enjoy their pizza without any fuss.

How should I store leftover pizza?

The best way to store leftover pizza is in an airtight container or wrap it tightly in aluminum foil or plastic wrap. This helps keep the crust from getting soggy and the cheese from drying out. Place the wrapped or covered pizza on a plate before putting it into the refrigerator so that condensation does not make the crust damp. The pizza should be consumed within 3-4 days for optimal freshness and taste. If you want to keep your pizza for a longer period of time, you can freeze it. To do this, place slices of cooled pizza on a parchment-lined baking sheet and freeze until solid. Once frozen, transfer pieces to an airtight container and store in the freezer for up to 3 months. When ready to enjoy, heat a slice or two in the microwave or oven until warmed through. Enjoy!

How long do pizzas stay fresh?

Pizza is generally safe to eat for up to four days after it has been cooked. This applies to any type of pizza, regardless if it is made with fresh dough or frozen dough. To help maintain the freshness and quality of your pizza, it is important to store it correctly by keeping it in a sealed container and ensuring that it does not come into contact with moisture or extreme temperatures. For best results, pizzas should be consumed within two days of purchase as any longer could lead to the pizza tasting dry or stale and losing its flavor. Pizzas can often be reheated successfully in an oven or microwave but will generally not taste as good if they are left out at room temperature for more than two hours. So while pizzas can still be enjoyed up to four days after cooking, it is best to consume them as soon as possible for the best tasting results.

Conclusion on How Many Pizzas For 30 People

To sum up, when deciding how many pizzas you should buy for 30 people, it is important to consider all factors—the type of party, the size of the pizza, the time limit and the appetites of all involved. Taking into account these various elements may be a lot of work, but it will pay off in spades! You’ll be sure that your thirty guests won’t go hungry and they will be able to enjoy each slice of cheesy goodness without worry. There’s nothing worse than ordering too little pizza at a party—avoid this common occurrence by ensuring you’ve taken full measure of your situation and plan accordingly. So if you’re asking yourself ‘how many pizzas for 30 people?’ our suggestion is to do some research, make sure all tastes are accounted for and then order enough for everyone to get their fix!


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